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Garage doors not only provide security for your garage, they also cover the alternate entryway to your home. They also tend to be pretty large – they have to be to let your car in and out – and can be an eyesore if not designed well or maintained properly. However, a well-maintained garage door can truly complement the style of your home.

Some of our clients have stylish modern homes or own buildings with which regular garage doors don’t go well. Some of our clients’ buildings also have unique dimensions, making run-of-the-mill garage doors not an option for them. If you have a unique need or a preference, our experts at Security Garage Doors will design and install custom garage doors for you.

Security Garage Doors Rockland, MA 781-277-0081Our custom garage doors can be crafted from a range of materials. Some of the materials at your disposal include fiberglass, high-quality wood timber, burnished steel and vinyl coating to make a garage door look as glitzy as the rest of your building. Many of our materials are 100% organic, so they don’t have an impact on the environment either. Security Garage Doors customers sometimes splurge thousands of dollars on their garage doors, but we assure you our garage doors are long lasting and are value for money offerings.

If you have a custom garage door request, our experts will first come to your property and measure the dimensions of your door frame. If you have a plan in mind, you can discuss it with them during this stage. They will help you iron out any irregularities and help you find a suitable material/door style for your building. Our craftsmen will then get to work on building your door, exactly according to your specifications.

Our customers opt for all kinds of doors. Some of the most common ones include sectional garage doors, wooden garage doors and carriage house doors. Sectional garage doors are often ordered by customers with space constraints, while wooden garage doors and carriage house doors offer a touch of elegance and are often used in ostentatious buildings.

Our custom garage doors are made by highly experienced craftsmen. They will help make your door a visual treat and our team of experts will ensure that it fits seamlessly into your door frame. We also carry out functional checks on your door after it’s been installed, to ensure it’s working properly.

A large number of our clients in Rockland, MA have opted for a custom garage door. Apart from installing such doors, we also provide maintenance services. We can also update your old door opening mechanism, if necessary, or add an automated locking feature to it. We will also repair damages to your door, so don’t hesitate to call us.